Salvage the Bones

Topics: Tropical cyclone, Storm, Hurricane Katrina Pages: 3 (961 words) Published: September 3, 2012
FAMU 2012 Freshman Summer Reading Writing Assignment
Dijona Brishae’ Clemons
August 20, 2012

2. Compare the portrayal of Katrina in Salvage the Bones to what you saw of the hurricane in the news. Which aspect of the storm’s devastation does this novel bring to life? What does Esch’s perspective add to your understanding of Katrina’s impact?

When analyzing the horror of Katrina within Ward’s novel Salvage the Bones and the actual catastrophe that was broadcasted throughout the media, readers are able understand its true impact. It seems as though Ward brought to light the realness and severity of Katrina rather than just restate the obvious. Ward’s writing is a perfect storytelling of the event— filled with some of her very own personal experiences. For example, the scene in which the character Esch narrates her perspective of the town as she walks the streets with Big Henry and Junior vividly brews out the damage that Katrina had caused. Not only are readers able to comprehend the destruction Katrina caused, but we are able to focus on a particular family. I think that knowing the story of the Batiste family really grabs at the reader’s attention and allows them to understand something other than the political aspect. Ward’s novel Salvage the Bones captures the emotional impact caused by Katrina and highlights a family in need of union. Simultaneously, Esch’s perspective allowed me to really visualize the power of hurricane Katrina. Never experiencing the horror of such natural disaster, Esch’s colorful description of Katrina and the aftermath had me terrified.

1. Evaluate the depiction of violence in Salvage the Bones. Consider how the scenes of violence – including Daddy’s loss of fingers, China’s brutal killing of her puppy, and the dogfight between China and Kilo – add to the novel. How do violence and tenderness co-exist in this troubled setting?

The novel Salvage the Bones is filled with violence and brutal...
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