Sales of Goods

Topics: Employment, Obligation, Morality Pages: 4 (1078 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Discussion Questions (Case 10.4)-Chapter10 1. Did Wilson Mutambara act wrongly? Explain why or why not. Assess each of the arguments he gives in his own defense. What other courses of action were open to him? What would you have done in his place?

The Company provides the allowance both to employee live areas that are safe and convenient and that they live in a style that is appropriate to the company¶s image. However, Wilson Mutambara was choosing use the allowance $2000 for other purpose and intentionally misrepresented his use of that allowance so that he could continue but he still stay in Old Town. According to this action, Mutambara was act wrongly because he not following the obligations of company. When Wilson accepts employment, he not agrees to perform certain tasks, usually during certain specified hours, in exchange for financial remuneration. Besides that, Mutambara also did not fulfill the contractual agreement with company that is provides the allowance but its employees must live in pace provided by company. The employment contract governs the employer-employee relationship and provides the framework for understanding the respective obligations of employer and employee.

³I¶m also a Rambian. It¶s not unsafe for me to live in this neighborhood, and it¶s insulting to be told that the area I grew up in is µunseemly¶ or inappropriate for a company employee.´ According to this, it mean that Mutambara was not loyalty to the company when he are hired to work for his employer, he did not had an obligation when acting on behalf He had own thinking and strongly not agree his company because he was grew up in his hometown, Rambia . He live well on there so he didn¶t thought Old Town is an unsafely place. Although Mutambara is Rambian and he living in Rambia but he working for company and his company requires a certain standard of living for its employees is safe and convenient and provided a monetary allowance to assure that standard of living.

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