Saffola Repositiong

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Repositioning of Saffola

Case Proposition
To analyze how successful was Saffola in repositioning itself from being a “Curative” Brand to “Preventive” brand. Case Synopsis
For the past few years Marico has been rolling out many new products under the Saffola banner which are all targeted at the health conscious consumers. While edible oil remains Saffola’s flagship product they have diversified into other new products such as Saffola oats, Saffola Muesli and Saffola rice as well. Saffola’s perception a decade ago was that it was more of a curative health rather than a preventive health brand. It was almost like an addition to a doctor’s prescription. The heart patient was advised to shift to Saffola (which is KARDI OIL with high PUFA and low saturated fats). Though it had a stranglehold on this segment of edible oil market, Saffola realized that the curative health (almost a negative health) market is limited in size and scope. The brand positioning also limited its choice of extensions in to other food categories. Saffola has understood that preventive health market is much bigger market and is trying to re position itself accordingly. It has created an emotional connect with the target consumers by portraying itself as “Conducive for heart” oil, rather than oil for heart patients. Initiatives by Saffola to re-position itself as a preventive healthcare: * Saffola has come up with a “‘Heart Age Finder tool” and raises awareness about the fact that, we often forget the one who is the most important to us - our heart.

* Saffola gifted readers in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore a free copy of the Times of India for their heart - with advertisements portraying ways to take care of the heart. * September 28 being the World Heart Day, Saffola came up with the out of the box solution. They created silence in the air waves of all the radio station and thus portraying the silence with which our heart functions despite taking the entire toll of our strenuous life.

Market segments
The consumers can be broadly segmented in to the following categories for this study: 1. Consumers of Health brands – in edible oils, mainly refined oils a. Consumers of Saffola
b. Consumers of other brands
2. Consumers of un-refined oils ( e.g. Dhara ground nut oil) Research objective
Our proposition is to conduct a primary research among branded edible oil consumers in order to figure out the following: * Factors which motivate people to buy Edible oil.
* The awareness about nutritional values of various edible oil brands / types. * Awareness of various edible oil brands and its “health perception” among the consumers. If someone is not aware of Sundrop, he or she may not have any perception of its healthy / unhealthy qualities. * The brand perception Saffola oil among people who are aware about Saffola. * Awareness of saffola’s repositioning – among old users. Research Methodology

* Based on the research objectives mentioned we have identifies specific factors that would help analyse the objectives and have prepared a questionnaire to enable a study on the said factors. * We are going to go to multi brand retail shops like big bazaar (pimpri chinchwad, sb road, Kalyani Nagar) D-Mart in the city of Pune to get consumers to fill out the questionnaire. * Our target for research is saffola customers and more specifically women. * Having collected the data we will put it through statistical tests to draw conclusions.

Gender: MaleFemale

Age:Below 25
25 – 35
35 – 45
Above 75

Marital Status: Married Unmarried

1) Do you believe the type of oil affects the health? Yes No Not Sure

2) Which of the following oil types are you aware about? Underline the one that you buy. * Sunflower
* Rice Bran oil
* Olive oil
* Coconut
* Ground nut
* Other
Please specify if other

3) If...
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