Rural Sociology

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What is social?
Repeated, patterned subcultured behavior. Atted up, the social behavior of everyone in a society is called its social structure Ex: konwning someone won’t pull a gun out if we say hi
Society: Sum of social behavior
Two major functions of society
(1) Frees us up to specialize to do things we wouldn’t be able to do on our own. (2) Constrains our behavior- called peer pressure. Not free to do whatever we want. Without environmental cues, we cannot interpret and understand society, and the specific situations in which we find ourselves, including what is normal (culturally acceptable) and what is deviant (against the norm) Sociology: scientific study of social/patterned/repeated behavior (social structure) or sociology is the study of people and how they behave in groups Rural Sociology: same but with rural populations.

Ten Sociological Concepts
(1) Society: people who share a culture and live together. People in same society live with same social structure. (2) Culture: a set of interrelated beliefs, values, and norms and their physical or material products shared by members of a society. (3) Norm: what one should and shouldn’t do. Socially acceptable actions (4) Value: Cultural statement about what is important or valuable. (5) Belief: A cultural statement about what is real or not real, what is true/not true. (6) Subculture: group with distinctive values, beliefs, norms, and behaviors (7) Status: Your location or position in a society. Comes with status symbols. Roles that are expected behaviors and attitudes associated with status. (8) Community: a place within a society (usually with a political boundary) where people live on a day-to-day basis. (9) Power/influence: the ability to achieve desired ends, despite resistance from others. (10) Sociological Imagination: the intellectual ability to see the relationships between individual behavior and attitudes and a larger societal and cultural context. C.W. Mills: fired from Texas for riding a motorcycle.

* See Notes for Hourglass metaphor

Seven Big Trends
(1) Urbanization of American society
(2) Growth of scale of social structure
Increasing connections to more ppl
Organizations are more vertically integrated
(3) Increased technology
energy shift from horses to fossil fuels, air conditioning
Info technology- sources and speed increase (news)
(4) More bureaucracy
bigger government
volunteer organizations
(5) More population and cultural complexity
more diversity
More specialized groups of all kinds
(6) Families have changed
family structure more diverse
Divorce rates increased
Technology, sex, and marriage
(7) Work has changed
From agriculture to manufacturing to information services
Storytelling: Important because we learn about society and culture through storytelling

Definitions of rural
(1) Older census definition
Based on population size.
Rural is any place that has less than 2,500 persons and is not next to a place that is 2,500 persons or bigger (2) Newer Definition
1.) Central city metro counties: cities of 50,000 or more
2.) Metro suburban or “outlying” counties: 25% or more people drive into city county (see above) 3.) Micropolitan counties: counties beyond outlying or suburban counties that contain 10,000-49,999. 4.) non-metro counties: counties beyond larger outlying or suburban counties that do not contain a city of 10,000. Ohio’s rural population: 3rd Largest

Three views or theories of society
(1) Symbolic interactionism: a view or theory that states that society is the product of the countless interactions between individuals, and that these interactions require the use of symbols. Mostly a micro theory. Context/environment is important in theory, as it is the way how people think and behave is explained through symbols (repetition of things: verbal/written/body language) KOKO monkey- knows 1,000 symbols

Human- 12,000 words
What is “me”?
The image of what I...
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