Topics: Amish, Rumspringa, Mennonite Pages: 4 (1174 words) Published: December 5, 2013

-Traditional Amish clothing for girls: long stockings, black shoes, very plain, solid-colored, long-sleeved dresses, and white bonnets to cover hair which is always pulled back. -“English” : non-Amish

-“Rumspringa” : Running around
-“Farmette” : homelands that have a vegetable garden and areas of pasture for horses and occasionally a cow. These areas are usually five to ten acres. -Amish girls’ hair has been uncut since childhood. Things such as cigarettes, alcohol, modern-day music, or being overtly loud or flirtatious around members of the opposite sex had been forbidden since childhood as well. -One of the large parties held during the first night of Rumspringa was in Michigan and there were about 400 youth there. -“Simmies” : youth which are new to Rumspringa and are foolish, young and naïve. (Many of these youth labeled this way work hard to lose this label quickly.) -Beer, rum and vodka are generally the drinks of choice at these parties. -Drugs are also passed around at these parties; marijuana, pipes of crank and cocaine. Some of the partygoers are seriously addicted while others are trying drugs for the first time. -12% of first births among the Amish are born before the marriage is 9 months old (they got pregnant and then chose to marry.) -“Rumspringa” : A Pennsylvania Dutch term. Rumspringa begins when an Amish youth turns sixteen because at this age the youth has not been baptized so they are not subjective to the church’s rules about behavior. During Rumspringa, Amish youth go out on their own into the outside world. (Many for their first time ever.) After Rumspringa, the majority return home to live with their families and be baptized and continue in the Amish life without partying and partaking of the English lifestyle. -The individual decides when their Rumspringa ends when they agree to be baptized into the church and take up responsibilities of an adult in the Amish community. -Amish are similar to most mainstream...
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