Rte: Right to Education in India

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and mobilisation of criminal gangs. To meet this challenge it is necessary to reconstruct and revive the Telangana personality – a fighting, incorruptible, largehearted personality based on unique culture and a common past. No bullet will then be able to silence Telangana. A word about political parties. Almost all political parties had and some even today have their mass base mainly in Telangana, yet they are either hostile to Telangana or unconcerned about the plight of Telangana. Is it only a structural problem that the leadership is from the Andhra area and followers from Telangana? And hence the hostility? The utter lack of selfrespect of Telangana leaders of various political parties except socialists could also be a reason. Some peculiarities of violence and counter-violence in Telangana may here be noted. Almost all the founders of the Naxalite parties of Telangana were from the Andhra region – Kondapally Sitaramaiah, Chandra Pulla Reddy, Payala Vasudev Rao, T Nagi Reddy. Yet they were not touched by the government. Some others were even granted huge sums for

rehabilitation! But most Telangana leaders of the Naxalite movement in Telangana have been killed in cold blood in fake encounters. A few who are left are being pursued relentelessly. What does it mean? Telangana is now caught in a spider’s web, leaderless and forlorn and abandoned by political parties, administration and the judiciary. Those who raise their voices are being killed or threatened with death. But even in death they do not find peace. They are defamed sometimes before but certainly after they are murdered. Veeranna, founder of Telangana Mahasabha, was accused of collecting funds after he joined the Telangana movement. If the punishment for collecting funds for political purposes is torture and death then what will happen to almost all political leaders of India? Adi Reddy was killed because he supported the Telangana movement and was a leader of the PWG. If those indulging in political violence should be awarded capital punishment without trial then what will happen to Rayalaseema politicians? Lalita was killed and her body dismembered because she

sang for the Telangana movement. What then should the political establishment of the erstwhile Madras state have done to Potti Sri Ramulu for demanding a separate Andhra state? The time has come to bid goodbye to everything else and reconstruct the Telangana personality. This reconstruction will be a part of the struggle for Telangana state. Kisans, the youth, and intellectuals of Telangana must take up this work, such a movement should be based on peaceful mobilisation of masses. Violence either against one’s own self, illustrated by farmers and students committing suicide, or violence against the other should not be thought of. Ours is a very cruel age. It is also an age of liberation from social, economic, cultural and political bondage. Struggles against racism, regionalism, imperialism, casteism, the power of money, totalitarianism, sexism and cultural hegemony are now taking place all over the world. A small state may not solve all the problems. But it gives its people control over jobs and resources and restores their self-respect. Other things will follow.

Right to Education Act 2009: Critical Gaps and Challenges
Praveen Jha, Pooja Parvati

is a step in the right direction. The road ahead, however, seems to be rough, given that the “how” and the “where to” remain ambiguous in several important respects in this otherwise significant enactment.

Historical Context
Knowing how to read is knowing how to walk. Knowing how to write is knowing how to ascend. Feet, arms, wings, all these are given to man By his first and most humble schoolbooks.1

After the many rounds of drafting and redrafting that went into the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act of 2009, it was hoped that the Act would be an effective instrument for any child to demand her basic...
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