River County Capital Project Budget Proposal

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River County Capital Project Budget Proposal

Funding of capital projects in the current year is guided by the projects potential impact on the well being of the community at large. Capital projects are intended to create the greatest good for number of River County citizens. Therefore, with this in mind projects are guided by the council priorities listed below. Many of the projects may relate to multiple priorities for instance, a project that creates good health and environment may also spur economic development. However, each project is assigned only one priority to which it primarily relates.

The Council priorities were developed to reflect citizen view regarding the many services that government should provide. These priorities are as follows.

Culture and Recreation- To ensure citizens will a community that provides recreational and cultural opportunities that will keep their minds and bodies active and the recognizes the needs of all citizens.

Health and Environment- To provide citizens a community that will promote health through good infrastructure (e.g. water. sewer) while preserving the environment for future generations to come.

Neighborhood Vitality- To provides a city of strong and vibrant neighborhoods that are clean, safe and encourage a sense of community.

Capital Expenditures by percentage of Total Capital Budget

The 2 garbage trucks are 24.23% of the total capital budget.

The 1 bulldozer is 19.39% of the total capital budget.

The 3 riding mowers are 3.88% of the total capital budget.

The activity center is 52.50% of the total capital budget.


Objective: The purchase of 2 garbage trucks, 1 bulldozer, and 3 riding mowers will replace equipment purchased between 1993 and 2001. The manufacturer going forward will no longer support these vehicles.

Benefits: These purchases will allow...
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