Topics: Reinforcement, Meaning of life, Filipino psychology Pages: 3 (721 words) Published: November 30, 2013

-People who are high in need achievement are highly motivated to strive for satisfaction that is derived from accomplishing some challenging tasks. “These people obtaining specific, timely criticism and feedback about their performance.” Basic needs to drive people;

-need for achievement
-need for power
-need for affiliation
-need for competence
-Reward or any Stimuli that serve as positive reinforces of certain behavior are found to be more powerful than the negative and neutral rein forcers, even if both sets of reinforces may be used. 6 Consideration for the use of positive Reinforcement in modifying motivational behaviors of workers: -do not reward equally.

-failure to reinforce may encourage poor subsequent performance. -inform workers about what they can do to get reinforcement. -tell workers when and what they are doing wrong.
-do not punish a subordinate in front of other workers.
-be fair
 Of the 1,000 entries from the Internet, the first meaning of “Bahala na” that I was able to extract is “Come/Happen what may” or “Whatever will be will be.” Let us analyze a song composed by Heber Bartolome (2001) entitled “Bahala Na.” (The translation into English on the right column.) The song captures the Bahala na attitude of the Filipino. A Filipina worker goes abroad to seek greener pastures and hopes she will be fortunate in her work, that is, without adversities. There is so much uncertainty in working abroad considering the fact that (1) the contract signed in the native country may not be honored or may be replaced by another contract when she arrives at the workplace; (2) the salary may be delayed and cause anguish to the family left behind; (3) the prospective employer may be inconsiderate or too strict; (4) the employer may sexually abuse the worker; or (5) the spouse left behind may become unfaithful. She hopes: “Baka naman sakaling swertihin ako” (“I hope I will be fortunate”)....
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