Topics: Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court of the United States, Time Pages: 3 (779 words) Published: February 27, 2014
Ch. 9: Critical Thinking
1.What organizational method might you use to arrange main points for speeches with the following specific purpose statements

To inform my audience of the causes and effects of Parkinson’s Disease Casual Order because the speech is describing of causes and effects To inform my audience about the major kinds of symbols used in Native American art Topical order because major kinds of symbols can be divided into subtopics To persuade my audience about that the state legislature should enact tougher laws to curb the problem of predatory lending to college students Problem-solution because a problem is introduced, and the speech also proposes a solution. To inform my audience about the major stages of the civil rights movement from 1955 to 1970Chronological order because there is a timeline in which these stages occur. To inform my audience about the educational philosophy of Jean Piaget Topical order because there will be subtopics to explain the details of Piaget’s philosophy. To inform my audience about the geographical regions of Brazil Spatial Order because the statement involves regions of land, which can be organized in a directional pattern.

2.Create appropriate transitions, internal previews, internal summaries and signposts for the speech about hypnosis.

Internal previews (transitions are underlined; signposts are italicized) First off, I can assure you that hypnosis has other uses aside from convincing someone to act like a chicken. Stepping away from the hypnotic performances of Las Vegas, we apply hypnosis to patients with severe mental conditions.

Internal Summary
Let me clarify the points that were just mentioned a second ago. As you know, the number of patients suffering from depression, insomnia, and other mental conditions have increased drastically over the years. For some patients, medication just does not help them. So, hypnosis offers a different treatment. Continuing on that point, how...
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