Retail Management

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Business plan


1.0/ Executive Summary5
1.1/ Objectives:7
1.2/ Mission:7
1.3/ Key to success:8
2.0/ Company summary8
2.1/ Company Ownership9
2.2/ Start-up Summary10
2.3/ Company Location and Facilities13
3.0/ Services:13
3.1/ Service Description:14
3.2/ Competitive Comparison16
3.3/ Sales Literature:17
3.4/ Sourcing:17
3.5/ Technology:18
3.6/ Future Services18
4.0/ Market Analysis Summary19
4.1/ Market Segmentation22
4.2/ Target Market Segment Strategy24
4.2.1/ Market Needs25
4.2.2/ Market Trends27
4.2.3/ Market Growth28
4.3.3/ Competition and Buying Patterns29
4.3.4/ Main Competitors30
5.0/ Strategy and Implementation Summary31
5.4/ Marketing Strategy32
5.4.1/ Positioning Statement32
5.4.2/ Pricing Strategy33
5.4.3/ Promotion Strategy34
5.5/ Sales Strategy35
5.5.1/ Sales forecast36
5.6/ Strategic Alliances39
5.7/ Milestones40
6.0/ Management Summary44
6.1/ Organization Structure44
6.2/ Personnel Plan46
7.0/ Financial Plan:48
7.1.1/ Investment:48
7.1.2/ Operation:49
7.1.3/ Revenue:50
7.1.4/ Depreciation:51
7.2/ Break-Even Analysis52

1.0/ Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to provide information about the idea of Dynamite game station and handmade shop.

Dynamite, unlike a typical cafe, will provide a unique space for entertainment and individual decoration. Dynamite will trying to satisfy the demand of a unique type of entertainment which is safe and sound for customers, especially the students in University Village, where is not as many services as in the center of the Hochiminh City. We intend to run our business in the National University’s Campus, Thu Duc district, Ho Chi Minh City. The majority number of students and the acceptable price in this location are the reasons for our choice. Dynamite will serve the customers with two kinds of entertaining business, which is space for them to play Wii Game, which is very familiar with people all over the world except for people living here, and space for them to decor their own-styled accessories. In addition, Dynamite also serves drinks and junk food for customers who want to have a place for chatting and discussing with friends. In the National University’s campus, there are not many places that have healthy entertainments for students. Both studying and relaxing are very important for students. But the entertaining places here are lack of association between studying and relaxing. In order to help the students improving their knowledge and satisfying their entertainment needs, opening a game station and handmade workshop is necessary. We offer variety services to the students such as: Wii game station; Coffee shop; handmade accessories and gifts workshop. In addition, at different times of year, the marketing plan is changed in a suitable way to keep the Dynamite operate effectively. The main point of our idea is we want to create a private and comfortable space for the students to enjoy every day of their life. With the slogan “Blow out stress, refresh your mind”, we mean that when the students come to our shop, they will have relaxing moments to release stress and gain energy or even some products made by their own. The Dynamite will be owned and operated by Dynamite LLC, a limited liability corporation managed by Miss Quyen, who will also be the general manager of this shop. And there will be some others employees who are hired to be managers of the coffee shop to make it work more fluently. This business plan offers financial institutions an opportunity to review our vision and strategic focus. It also provides a step-by-step plan for the business start-up, establishing favorable sales numbers, gross margin, and profitability.

With the 640 million VND for the investment,...

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