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Business Name: Lordfel Marketing
Business Type: HARDWARE

Lordfel Marketing Hardware’s mission is to create a hardware store that is reliable and convenient. A store that offers great service and selection of hardware and home improvement products in a customer friendly environment. Lordfel Marketing Hardware will cater to Navotas residents, businesses, contractors, and urban commuters.  Our customers will become loyal because of the great advice, prompt service, good staff attitudes, the overall quality of the buying experience, and the fact that we consistently have solutions for their needs.

Lordfel Marketing Hardware’s vision is to be the leading retail store though out the city of Navotas. They want to provide cheaper products to consumers. Lordfel Marketing Hardware wants to expand and provide accessibility to other people who are far from their current branches. Considering the hardware’s current state, the want to be a household name not just within the city they are currently catering but also to the neighboring towns as the top seller of quality goods and provides quality service to their customers. Objectives

There are four major objectives of Lordfel Marketing Hradware, of which three are Determine the practicability of a hardware store. 1. Develop the strategy to effectively manage and grow a profitable hardware store. 2. Establish a firm budget to operate and manage the business to continue the operation, with good cash flow and consistent profits. 3. Explore potential growth within the area market.

SWOT Analysis:

STRENGTHS-Management-Customer loyalty-Scale -Leading brands -Long term customer relationship-Their competitors are not within the same area/vicinity-Many employees-One stop shop- More visibility and advertisement- Widen area of coverage- Ease of transaction- Improve accessibility of products| WEAKNESS-Management-Weak brands-Delay on delivery-Poor access to distribution-Low customer retention| OPPORTUNITIES-Changing customer tastes-New distribution channels- Expansion of services or features offered- Increase in the number of customers because of wider reach| THREATS-Changing customer base-New distribution channels-Tax increases-Closing of geographic markets - Competition from other companies


Target Market:

Lordfel Marketing will focus on these significant customer groups: Head carpentry professionals: The area of Sipac - Almacen, San Jose area supports a good number of repair and home improvement professionals, also known as the “head carpenter” they’re in charge of all the carpentry work and materials purchasing. They know the different price ranges of several hardware competitors in the area, because of that they can go directly to certain hardware for materials.

Home owners:  Many home owners perform their own home repairs and home improvement projects.  Lordfel Marketing knows this first hand since she has helped many of these home owners in mastering the skills needed to do the work successfully.

Small Construction Freelancer: These are contractors who orders directly to Lordfel Marketing for construction supply such as gravel, sand, cement and others. Walk-in customer: any person who’s in need of a certain material

Market Analysis (pie)

Home owners has the largest percentage when it comes to market segment, they are the regulars of the hardware. Followed by the walk-in customers, they are the consumers who are more likely to drop by and buy because they perceived that Lordfel has the lowest price compared to others. Third is the head Carpentry Professionals, they know everything regarding hardware supplies, they are regulars as well. Lastly is the small construction freelancer, lowest percentage comes from them because...
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