Resume Objectives That Guarantee You Won’t Get Hired

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I work as a recruiter for a large insurance company, and lately I’ve seen a lot of resumes that would have been better off without an objective statement. These days, you don’t need to include an objective on your resume, but some people still do. Be warned: there are two major ways to screw up an objective statement:

Not matching your application to the position you’ve applied to or Writing an objective so painfully bland that it could apply to virtually anything Let’s discuss some examples.

Objectives that have nothing to do with the job

Although our company has many different types of positions we look to fill on an ongoing basis, there are some pretty obvious backgrounds that will not be a fit for our company. These are actual objectives from resumes I’ve received in the last week alone (and remember – I work at at an insurance company):

“To obtain a position as an engineering specialist in the field of maintenance” “To obtain a part-time tutoring position in Chemistry or Mathematics” “To obtain a position as a food server”
“To continue my career as a veterinary assistant”
“To get a position as an oilfield rig hand”
“Seeking a challenging Architectural Design/Drafter position” “To re-enter the Beauty Industry”
“To obtain a long-term position as an Estate Manager for a celebrity” So really here, what am I supposed to do with these people? It makes me mad that they expect me to take my time seriously considering their resume when they clearly couldn’t even take two minutes to at least adjust their objective to generically match my particular job description or just remove it completely. They have shown me that they are either careless or unwilling to make this small adjustment; so I don’t feel one ounce of regret when I shred their applications.

Objectives that make me yawn

They are either so ridiculously generic or unbelievably plain that it makes the chances of the job seeker getting an interview with my boss slim to none.

Here are...
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