Respiratory System

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Chapter 22-Respiratory System

Which of the following is not a function of the nasal conchae and mucosa?
Filter the air entering the nasal cavity.

Extract heat and moisture from the air leaving the nasal cavity.
Heat and moisten the air entering the nasal cavity.

Destroy pathogens entering the nasopharynx

Which of the following respiratory structures is more commonly known as the "throat"? =throat

The _________________ is also known as the "guardian of the airways". =epiglottis

________, the difference between the intrapulmonary and intrapleural pressures, prevents the lungs from collapsing. =transpulmonary pressure

Quiet inspiration is ____________, and quiet expiration is ______________. =an active process; a passive process

Which of the following processes are unique to the respiratory system? =pulmonary ventilation and external respiration

Which parts of the respiratory system function as the main sites of gas exchange? =Alveoli

The loudness of a person's voice depends on the ________.
=force with which air rushes across the vocal folds

The walls of the alveoli are composed of two types of cells, type I and type II. The function of type II is to ________. =secrete surfactant

Which of the following maintains the patency (openness) of the trachea? =cartilage rings

Select the correct statement about the pharynx.
=The auditory tube drains into the nasopharynx.


Which of the following provide the greatest surface area for gas exchange? =Alveoli

Which of the choices below determines the direction of respiratory gas movement? =partial pressure gradient

The respiratory membrane is a combination of ________.
=alveolar and capillary walls and their fused basement membranes

The nose serves all the following functions except ________. =as the initiator of the cough reflex

The factors responsible for holding the lungs to the thorax wall are ________. =surface tension from pleural fluid and negative pressure in the pleural cavity

What is ventilation-perfusion coupling?
=Matching the amount of gas reaching the alveoli to the blood flow in pulmonary capillaries

Labored breathing is termed dyspnea.

Most inspired particles such as dust fail to reach the lungs because of the ________. =ciliated mucous lining in the nose

Type II alveolar cells secrete ________.

The cartilaginous flap that closes the trachea during swallowing is called the ________. =epiglottis

What is the most powerful respiratory stimulant in a healthy person? =blood carbon dioxide level

The functions of the nasal conchae are to enhance the air turbulence in the cavity and to increase the mucosal surface area exposed to the air. =TRUE

Valsalva's maneuver involves closing off the glottis (preventing expiration) while contracting the muscles of expiration, causing an increase in intra-abdominal pressure. =TRUE

Smoking diminishes ciliary action and eventually destroys the cilia. =TRUE

The parietal pleura lines the thoracic wall.

How is the bulk of carbon dioxide carried in blood?
=as the bicarbonate ion in the plasma after first entering the red blood cells

Which form of hypoxia reflects poor O2 delivery resulting from too few RBCs or from RBCs that contain abnormal or too little hemoglobin? =Anemic Hypoxia

Which form of CO2 transport accounts for the least amount of CO2 transported in blood? =dissolved in plasma

Which of the following is NOT a physical factor that influences pulmonary ventilation?
partial pressure of oxygen in the air

lung compliance

airway resistance

alveolar surface tension

What is the amount of air that can be exhaled with the greatest possible exhalation after the deepest inhalation called? =vital capacity

Complete the following statement using the choices below. Air moves out of the lungs when the pressure inside the lungs is...
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