Research Validity

Topics: Sampling, Stratified sampling, Simple random sample Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: February 26, 2013
1. Who is the group one's research study modeled after?
a. Kristin Stewart
b. Nola Pender
c. Scarlett Johanssen
d. Archie Bunker
2. What kind of statistical analysis did group one use?
a. Ordinal
b. Interval
c. T-test
d. Chi square
3. What kind of sampling method was used in group one's study? a. Convenience
b. Random
c. Accidental
d. Quota
1)What is a type of nonprobability sampling procedure that involves the selection of the most readily available people or objects for a study? a. convenience sampling
b.quota sampling
c.snowball sampling
d. judgemental sampling
2)What type of scale contains five or seven responses for each item, ranging from "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree"? a.Likert Scale
b.Semantic Differential Scale
c.Peronality Inventories
d.Delphi Technique
3)Who developed the conservation model that is accepted in the world of nursing theory?a.Thomas Purdue b.Myra Estrin Levine
c.Florence Nightingale
d.Jean Watson
1. The theoretical framework that focuses on the whole person and the response to stress while describing the different layers that humans use as a protection from stressors is referred to as: A) Neuman's system model

B) Leiniger's Transcultural Theory
C) Nightingale's Environment Theory
D) Roy's Adaptation Theory
2. Within the Methodology portion, the researchers state that potential subjects will be identified within a local nursing school within the Mississippi Delta. What type of sample being used? A) Stratified random sample

B) Convenience Sample
C) Simple random sample
D) Cluster Sample
3. Which of the following would be considered an appropriate tool to use for increasing alcohol consumption? A) HAM-D scale
B) group created likert scale of obssession
C) HAM-A scale
D) Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT)

What group was targeted in our research study about obesity? A. 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students
B. 10th and 11th grade students
C. K4 and K5 students
D. 1st and 2nd grade...
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