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Topics: Communication, Mass media, Marshall McLuhan Pages: 4 (921 words) Published: August 25, 2013

Model is a miniature, a highly selective representation of reality- a symbolic representation of reality and a design to help us visualize among various elements of a structure or process in this case the communication process. We take a look at Bruce Westley and Malcolm s. MacLean communication model as proposed in 1957. Their model is less personalized and tries to give a description of mass communication in a context that seems to clearly have an interest in responses that are given by either side: whether it’s the media, the events or the original communicator.

According to Westley and Maclean model, media provides their audience with the supply of information, images, stories and impression sometimes according to anticipated needs some guided by their own purpose which is mainly gaining revenue and influence and sometimes following of other social institutions e.g. advertising, making propaganda. Given the diversity of the underlying motivations in selection and flow of “images of reality”, we can see that mediation is unlikely to be a neutral process. There will always be consistent biases in selection and construction of “realities”. Their model represents the communicator’s role as that of a broker between, on one hand would be ‘advocates in society with messages to send and on the other hand, the public seeking to satisfy its information and other communication needs. Here there is the communication organization (McQuail D. pg 323) where there are brokers between would-be advocates trying to convey their view of social reality and public interested in reliable information.

Westley and MacLean gave specific attention to mass communication as distinct from general communication model. They presented a model of interpersonal communication and mass communication.

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