Research Paper on Determination of the Molar Volume of a Gas

Topics: Ideal gas law, Mole, Gas Pages: 4 (1457 words) Published: November 8, 2012
The objective of the experiment was to verify the molar volume of a gas and gas constant.¹ The method in which was used to determine the volume of H2 gas at standard temperature and pressure and the gas constant was to measure a strip of magnesium and place it inside the gas buret which contained hydrochloric acid, blue dye and distilled water and allow the reaction to occur. Once the reaction was complete and there were no visible gas bubbles, the volume was obtained and recorded. This procedure was completed three times. After gathering all the information needed, and using the ideal gas law to find the gas constant for each trial, the average of the three results were then calculated and turned out to be 0.0841L atm/k mol. The approximation error turned out to be 0.00404 L atm/k mol. Finding the molar volume at STP was done by multiplying the number of moles of the gas by the value of the gas constant found in the experiment. Introduction:

The purpose of this experiment is to discover how the molar volume of a gas and the gas constant is found. The molar volume can be found by the equation: MV = V/n = RT/P
where it is either dependent on a given volume (V) and a number (n) of moles or a constant temperature (T), pressure (P) and the gas constant. In Avogadro’s Law it is stated that when the pressure and volume are constant the volume is directly proportional to the number of particles (moles).² In the experiment that will be conducted, with the formula Mg(s) +2HCl(aq) → H2(g) + MgCl2(aq)

Hydrogen gas is produced when hydrochloric acid and magnesium are mixed. The volume of hydrogen gas is found by measuring the volume of the buret after the reaction occurred. The number of moles is found by converting the given amount of grams of magnesium into moles of magnesium using the molar mass and then using the equation to find the number of hydrogen gas mole with a one to one mole ratio. Once finding these two important figures the gas constant can...
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