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Topics: Tax, Tax exemption, Taxation in the United States Pages: 4 (1119 words) Published: March 5, 2014

Informative Presentation- preparation Outline

Topic: Should churches remain tax exempt?
General purpose: To inform
Specific purpose: To inform my audience about the pro and cons about remain tax exempt Central idea: While for churches they do not have to pay tax because they provide needed service for the government they must to pay it because they also are making profit. Introduction

Attention – Getter. The bible relates that when the Pharisees asked Jesus whether, it was permissible to pay taxes to Caesar; Jesus replied that one should render into Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and into God the things that is God’s. Reveal the topic: Should it be requirement that all churches have to be remaining tax exempt. Audience motivation: Everyone in here either has a mom, dad an aunt or even yourself that is attending a church. What would it be if your church compels you to pay just because they have to pay tax? Qualification/ credibility: after extensive research on this topic. I am qualified to talk about remain tax exempt on churches. Preview main points: In this presentation. I will discuss two main elements of the controversy of remain tax exempt on churches. First I will present the pros of remain tax exempt on churches. Second I will discuss the cons of remain tax exempt on churches. Transition: so First let’s look at the pros of remain tax exempt on churches.

Body of the speech
1. Main point
It has been assumed from the foundation of our country that churches should remain tax exempt. According to Kentucky State Representative Whittaker summed up the sentiment nicely when he said, “Let an untaxed Gospel be preached, in an untaxed church house, from an untaxed pulpit; let the emblem of a crucified, but risen Christ be administered from an untaxed altar, and, as the spire points heavenward, . . . let it stand forever untaxed.” A. Churches, as nonprofit organizations, are exempt from taxes not because of the public benefits and needed...
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