Research Methods Past Year Questions and Answers

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Q1.What are the similarities and differences between basic and applied research reports? Solutions :
Both basic and applied research are important to the advancement of human knowledge, but they work in slightly different ways, and they have different end goals in sight. Basic or pure research is conducted solely for the purpose of gathering information and building on existing knowledge, as opposed to applied research, which is geared towards the resolution of a particular question. A neurologist who studies the brain to learn about its general workings is doing basic research, while a neurologist who is searching for the origins of Alzheimer's disease is involved in applied research. Often, applied research builds on existing basic research. Basic research could be considered the foundation of knowledge which provides people with the basic information they need to pursue particular areas of research. In the example of the two neurologists above, for example, the neurologist involved in applied research on a neurological condition will probably use research published by the neurologist who is more generally studying the brain. The lines between basic and applied research can blur. For example, a researcher playing around with batteries and methods of storing energy might accidentally stumble upon a revolutionary battery which could be utilized as a commercial product. In this case, research conducted to more generally develop ways of understanding and storing energy could have an immediate real world application, such as storing solar power trapped by the solar panels on a house. In basic research general theories, ideas, and questions are explored and tested research, , from where the universe comes from to how animals communicate. Some people have suggested that this type of research should not have priority, because it doesn't always result in an immediate benefit to humans, but without basic research, many applied research programs would be hard-pressed to get the start they need. Doing basic research ensures that applied researchers don't need to reinvent the wheel every time they start on a new project, because the groundwork has been done. Some researchers prefer to focus on one type of research or the other, addressing natural curiosity or concerns about specific problems faced by humans. Others may flit back and forth, or find themselves starting a project which could be considered basic which turns applied, or vice versa. Flexibility in research is critical, as it promotes innovation and new approaches to scientific problems. Basic research is sometimes criticized as a funding hog, but in fact both types of research can be costly, and investing in basic research actually saves money in the long run by promoting the exploration of general knowledge. Q2. What aspects of class research project would be stressed by you in the written report and in oral presentation? Purpose of the Study

This describes the goals and objectives that are the targets and desired outcomes of work done by you to find answers to the problem or issue under investigation.

The purpose often starts with a single goal statement that explains what the study intends to accomplish. A few typical statements are:

The goal of this study is to...
... overcome the difficulty with ...
... discover what ...
... understand the causes or effects of ...
... refine our current understanding of ...
... provide a new interpretation of ...
... understand what makes ___ successful or unsuccessful

It is then followed by a paragraph which describes the objectives that support the goal of the research investigation.

The words goal and objective are often confused with each other. They both describe things that a person may want to achieve or attain; however, each is different in its scope. Goals are more global in nature, affecting larger populations...
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