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Instruments in Research
Review Problems and Exercises:
1. What is the role of data-gathering instrument in research? * Instruments are materials, concrete or verbal or non-verbal communications, used to collect data for the research study. Instruments are very important components of the overall research design. Without these, the researcher will not be able to obtain data and information that will be analyzed for findings, presentation and interpretation. 2. Characterize “good” instruments.

* Good instruments should be:
i. Appropriate for the study
ii. There should be a trial run of the instruments to determine the difficulty index and validity index of each item included if the instrument is a researcher-made. iii. The items in the instrument should be relevant to the problem on hand. iv. There should be time allotted or defined to finish answering the instrument. v. The questions should be clear.

vi. The instrument should have stood the test of time and is popular. vii. Critiques to its use should be considered and reviewed. viii. It should be easy to administer.

ix. There should be scoring facilitated.
3. What are ready-to-use instruments?
* Standardized instruments – are instruments developed by experts and are widely accepted. They are established and tested for the purposes for which they are intended. 4. What are the advantages of ready-to-use standardized instruments? * Ready-to-use standardized instruments are products of long years of study. The use of these tests enables the researcher to get objective data about the respondents. The respondents could be management groups, accountants, salesmen or consumers and sectorial groups. You can find varied tests that you can use to suit the purpose of the research project. 5. What are the contents of the manual of a standardized instrument? * The contents of the manual of...
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