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Research Design (Methods & Tools used in Research) -by Mr. Piyush L. Agrawal (M.Pharm Ist Year)

What is research? : 
What is research? It is systematic process of collecting & analysing information in order to increase our knowledge & understanding of the phenomenon about which we are interested . Points of discussion are features of good design, types of Research Design , basic principles of experimental design .

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Basic Steps for research project: Select a topic Review existing research and theory that are relevant Develop a hypothesis or research question/s Determine the appropriate methodology/research design Collect relevant data Analyze and interpret the results Present the results in an appropriate form Research is basically scientific. Purpose: to provide an objective, unbiased evaluation of data.

Developing a Research Project : 
Developing a Research Project The Elements of Research Design

Stages in the Research Process : 
Stages in the Research Process Define Problem Planning a Research Design Planning a Sample Gathering the Data Processing and Analysing the Data Conclusions and Report

Prior consideration f0r research design : 
Prior consideration f0r research design Pre-planning (sources, types of information , research problem ) source of information to be collect and analyze. Time and budgets for the work. PURPOSE OF RESEARCH DESIGN To guide the investigator in answering the research problem

What is research design ? : 
What is research design ? “Research design is the arrangement of conditions for collection & analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure ’’ --johoda, deutsch & cook or “the planned sequence of the entire process involved in conducting a research study” --miller General definition : “the plan , structure & strategy of investigation conceived so as to obtain answers to research questions and control variance ” “The research...

References: Kothari C.R. , Research Methodology. Methods and Techniques , ed.2 Delhi ,New age international publishers, 2001 , 31-41. P.S.G. Kumar ,Research methods and Statistical techniques B.R.Publishing corporation Delhi, 79 – 204. Internet
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Thank you for your kind attention Go forth and research….….but be careful out there.
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