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Approaching Research
Evidence and structure are the keys to constructing a convincing and logical argument in support of the idea, insight, contention or recommendation you want to make. In today’s business environment it is unlikely that you will be able to find the answer to your question in a single source. You may not find any articles that directly address your question. Therefore, you need to research…. and I do not mean being able to use Google Like a good lawyer, you have to bring together a number of different pieces of information. On their own each piece does not mean much but when you add them all together and YOU explain to the reader how the pieces of information interconnect and what the combining of all this information demonstrates – you are creating a convincing, logical argument. Students often only use the prescribed textbook as the evidence base for their argument. The information within these is generally sound. However, business people do not make decisions based on one source of information and neither should you. Compare the prescribed text with other text and note if there are different perspectives. These perspectives may assist you in clarifying the point you want to make or add information that lends credibility to the contention you are making, i.e. three authors support this idea. WOULD YOU MAKE A BUSINESS DECISION ON ONE PERSON’S POINT OF VIEW? THE SKILL IS TO LEARN TO SEEK RANGE OF VIEWS TO ESTABLISH A RANGE OF PERSPECTIVES, WEIGH THE MERITS EACH AND THEN MAKE A DECSION. There are a number of search techniques and sources of information that will make the process of generating information easier. If it a completely new topic for you start broad and move to the specific; start with easy to read, general business writing and move to more credible but technical academic writing.

If you are a visual learner
In the global digital age competition between the worlds best educational institutions is increasing. To promote their...
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