Republic Act 9231

Topics: Slavery, Childhood, Employment Pages: 3 (865 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Republic Act No. 9231
Main goals
* Elimination of child labor
* Protection for the working children
Responsibility of the State
* Provide special protection to children to keep them safe from all forms of harm such as: * Abuse
* Neglect
* Cruelty
* Exploitation
* Discrimination
* The responsibility for the normal development of the children gravely threatened or endangered by circumstances will came from the parents/legal guardian on behalf of the State. * The best interest of children is to be taken in consideration regarding all actions concerning them. Employment of Children

* Children under 15 years old can only be employed if:
* They work directly under sole responsibility of their parents or legal guardian. * They must work only where their members of the family are employed. * Primary and secondary education must be provided.

* Children can venture in public entertainment or information if: * A work permit from the Department of Labor and Employment must be ensured. * The employment contract is concluded only by the children’s parents or legal guardian. * The expenses agreement of the children must be included in the contract as well. * The protection, health, safety, morals and normal development of the child must be ensured at all times. * Measures to prevent the child's exploitation or discrimination must be issued and implemented. * The duration and arrangement of working time must be arranged in consideration of the children’s other activities for their moral development. Hours of Work of a Working Child

* Below 15 years old
* Is not allowed to work between 8pm to 6am in the morning of the following day * 15 years old
* May be allowed to work for not more than twenty (20) hours a week * Work shall not be more than four (4) hours at any given day * 15 years old to 17 years old
* May be allowed...
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