remedial teaching

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What is Remedial Teaching?

• It is a multifaceted approach, tailoring remedial intervention plans to a child’s specific needs. It makes use of one-on-one instruction, small group instruction, written work, verbal work and computer-based work. • Remedial Therapy focuses on skills rather than on content. • These skills include visual discrimination, perceptual organisation, laterality, sequencing, abstract reasoning, auditory processing, sound recognition, blending, segmenting, phoneme manipulation, mathematical operations, focusing and eye tracking. • Help is offered to pupils who need (pedagogical/didactic) assistance. • These are often children who function at a lower than average level because of a certain learning- or behavioural problem/disorder, but it can also be offered to pupils who achieve at a higher than average level, they too can do with the extra attention and care. • It involves working systematically: observing, diagnosing, remediating, evaluating. • Working purposefully and intensively with a pupil.

• Seeing to it that the pupil can remain at his/her school. • Providing information to the child and the persons involved. • Remedial teaching is not re-teaching.


• An intake conversation, checks, tests and/or observations take place. • A picture is formed of the pupil by chatting to the teacher and the parents in order to discover where the problem lies. • When this is clear (diagnosis) a therapy plan is drawn up and is custom-made. • Remedial teaching is usually given once or twice a week. • Diagnosis of the specific difficulty of the pupil by conducting a suitable diagnostic test or a full assessment is required by a clinical psychologist. • These assessments provide suitable remedial measures and in addition ways and means for preventing them from reoccurring in future. • The procedure also includes identifying the causes of weakness which may be: • Lack of understanding/misconceptions.

• Faulty teaching method.
• Fear of...
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