Religion Test Reviews

Topics: Christianity, Jesus, Ethics Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Test Review – Unit 3
1. Chivalry - Characterized by consideration and courtesy, especially toward women. The noble qualities a knight was supposed to have, such as courage and a readiness to help the weak. 2. Epicureanism- was the philosophy founded by Epicurus at Athens near the end of the 4th Century B.C. It was a simple, dogmatic view of the nature of man and the universe, through which men might attain real and enduring pleasure, in the sense of peace of mind. The main objectives of Epicureanism were to free men from anxiety and bring them through knowledge of the truth to that untroubled peace of mind. Stoicism - was 1 of the most important & influential traditions in the philosophy of the educated persons in the Graeco-Roman world. Its founder, Zeno of Athens rejected social institutions & material values. Utilitarianism – method of justifying acts “utilitarianism”. utilirianism is really a moral principle that holds that the morally right course of action in any situation is the one that produces the greatest balance of benefits, and pleasure in order to avoid pain for everyone affected. Christianity- Christianity is a monotheistic religion whose adherents believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the son of God and their savior. Christianity developed out of a sect of Judaism that believed Jesus was the messiah prophesied in the Old Testament. 3. Bio-ethics is concerned with the manipulation of creation and nature. Common bioethical issues are: abortion, cloning & euthanasia. Roe vs. Wade was a landmark decision by US Supreme court on the issue of abortion. The court held that woman’s right to an abortion is determined by her current trimester. 4. Levinas - Ethics, in his use of the term, is neither a code of rules nor the study of reasoning about how we ought to act. Having to do w/ carrying for others and in what we ought to do. He proposes phenomenological description and a hermeneutics of lived experience in the world. Ex: doing “good” is the...
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