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Topics: Religion, Polytheism, Islam Pages: 5 (974 words) Published: March 26, 2014
1. According to our readings, which of these does not characterize experience with the sacred? a) Fear
b) Fascination
c) Ambivalence
d) Extreme Anger
2. According to our readings, a hierophany is
a) a person who experience the sacred
b) the act of manifesting the sacred
c) the place where the sacred is experience
3. According to the textbook, the imago mundi is Mircia Eliade's way of describing: a) an image of a communities sense of the original cosmic order b) a man who consecrates a place
c) the religious feeling
4. According to Mircia Eliade, the core of religious life is the distinction between two realities. What are these realities
a) right/wrong
b) just/unjust
c) sacred/profane
5. Mysterium, Tremendum, and Fascinance are the attributes given to experiences with the sacred by one of the following scholars:
a) Rudolph Otto
b) Gerardus Van der leeuw
c) Emil Durkhem
6. God's being includes the whole universe; all entities exist in him, however, God's been is not coequal with the world. This belief is expressed by religions that fall under one of the following classifications.

a) Dualism
b) Panentheism
c) Pantheism
7. As a religious tradition Islam has animistic elements too specially when viewed from a scholarly position.
a) True
b) False
8. The belief in warrior Goddesses in polytheistic traditions can reflect the societies…: a) Sense of the complementary nature of male/female roles
b) Understanding the role of women in the domestic sphere
c) Unconventional thinking about gender roles
9).According to polytheistic religions, deities that are often group in families referred to as: a) Anthropomorphic
b) Pantheons
c) Non of the Above
10. Which of these groups of scholars argue that humans are religious because of the need for emotional balance?
a) Psychologists
b) Anthropologists
c) Theologians
11. Studying the religions of others is inimical to our own faith a) True
b) False

12. Sigmund Freud's psychological studies of religion, such as Totem and Taboo (1913) and Moses a) The Protestant ethic
b) Oedipus complex of primal religious history and institutions c) Primitive culture
13. A human being is called a homo religious, which means a religious animal. a) True
b) False
14. According to / religion is the state of being grasped by an ultimate concern. a) Rudolph Otto
b) James Martineau
c) Rudolph Tillich
15. According to class discussion religion is easier to define than describe. a) True
b) False
16. According to class discussion the Quran was canonized just before muhammad died. a) True
b) False
17. A body of sacred authoritative and normative texts intended to be used for doctrinal and moral instruction is called
a) Myth
b) Scripture
c) Doctrine
18. The many budhists hand gesture we saw on the slides during our discussions on symbols offer good examples of
a) Presentational Symbols
b) Representational Symbols
c) Metaphors
19. This is not an example of a sacred time
a) Christmas Easter
b) Ramadan
c) Veterans's Day
20. Copy of immanuel Kant defines religion as "the recognition of all duties as Divine command" a) True
b) False
21. What kind of questions interest the Philospher of religion? a) Religious rituals
b) Religious claims
c) Religious Practices
22. Scholars classify sacrifice according to the specific intention behind the act/or the purpose…. a) Atonement, Appeasing, Thanksgiving
b) Propitiatory, Covenantal, Expiatory
c) Aims giving, Prayer, Libation
23. The Quran is not a compilation of many books but a single book a) True
b) Flase
24. Funerals are examples of
a) Calendar rituals
b) Critical rituals

25. The Holy Quran is the only scripture that was not canonized. This statement is a) True
b) False
26. The Christian Biblical verse My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me John is a good example of a
a) Metaphor
b) Parable
c) A myth
27. According to Polytheistic religions, deities that are often grouped in families referred...
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