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Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, North America Pages: 8 (1811 words) Published: September 17, 2012

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____1.Which of the following is not one of the theories about how America was originally settled? a.|Humans arrived by boat and followed the coast southward from Alaska.| b.|Siberian hunters crossed from Asia to North American during the last ice age.| c.|Humans arrived in multiple migrations.|

d.|Hunters from Asia dispersed themselves over much of North America.| e.|Europeans sailed across the Atlantic in rice paper boats during the pre-Christian era.|

____2.Almost all Native American peoples are descended from a.|Homo sapiens who evolved from North American apes.|
b.|African tribesmen who crossed the Atlantic in rice paper canoes.| c.|Polynesians who reached the Pacific coast about A.D. 400.| d.|migrants who came from northwestern Asia over the Alaska-Siberia land bridge.| e.|hunters from central Europe who crossed the polar ice cap and traveled south through what is now Canada.|

____3.Why did the Paleo-Indians spread out and proliferate with astonishing speed? a.|because of their ability to defeat rival Indian tribes|
b.|because of assistance from the League of the Iroquois|
c.|because of a high birth rate and the lack of effective birth control| d.|because of the onset of a new Ice Age|
e.|because of the bountiful and accommodating environment|

____4.According to one theory, the arrival of the first Americans coincided with a.|the extinction of the mammoths and mastodons.|
b.|the ending of the Ice Age.|
c.|the triumph of the Archaic peoples.|
d.|the establishment of the first year-round village in North America.| e.|the influx of locusts and weevils.|

____5.Which of the following was not a feature of the Archaic era? a.|the use of new materials to make tools, weapons, and ornaments| b.|the practice of more elaborate human burials|
c.|the development of long-distance trade networks|
d.|the development of centralized political power|
e.|the more efficient use of resources|

____6.Which of the following activities would be most likely to lead to a settled life-style in permanent villages? a.|frequent intertribal warfare|
b.|developing a written language|
c.|making little distinction between men’s and women’s roles| d.|drying fish and storing it in quantities sufficient to last the year round| e.|developing fluted points for spears|

____7.Farming food-bearing plants began
a.|on the Hawaiian Islands.|
b.|on the Northwest Coast.|
c.|near Northeastern river valleys.|
d.|in the humid Eastern Woodlands.|
e.|in the arid Southwest.|

____8.What key development was necessary for substantial changes in southwestern life to occur? a.|the construction of elaborate canals|
b.|the end of the Ice Age|
c.|the elimination of the Wooly Mammoth|
d.|the defeat of the League of the Iroquois|
e.|the introduction of a more drought-resistant strain of maize|

____9.Anasazi culture declined and fell because of
c.|destruction by Europeans.|
d.|earthquakes and tornadoes.|
e.|intertribal warfare.|

____10.Which statement about agriculture and the development of society is not correct? a.|Throughout North America, patterns of agriculture and the development of society were generally similar.| b.|North American cultures were familiar with the properties, uses, and values of plants, soils, and rocks.| c.|In the Southwest, natives farmed for most of their food and therefore created centralized or confederate political systems.| d.|On the Northwest Coast, natives shunned agriculture yet nevertheless consolidated their societies.| e.|In the Eastern Woodlands, natives first developed village life and political centralization without farming but later developed a productive agriculture.|

____11.Which of the following provides evidence of the sophistication of Hopewell culture? a.|mounds|
b.|oral traditions|
c.|birch-bark records|...
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