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Topics: Childhood, Developmental psychology, Sociology Pages: 1 (511 words) Published: November 5, 2014

Carmen Rodriguez
Soc 312 Child, Family & Society
Stephanie DeNapoli-Sencil
September 5, 2014

For one to practice this profession to its best and meets its professional requirements and expectations it is important that they look in to and understand the nature of families and children in relation to the society. This entails monitoring and understanding the type of relation that exists between the society and families and also the relation between children and the society and children and the family. Basically, for one to get conclusive and elaborative results in these fields, one has to monitor all sort of social and non-social relations that co-exist within the society. It is from the studies made from these relations that one can be able to make correct hypotheses and conclusions. Basically this professions entails all the interactions that are involved in the society and how in one way or another affect the lives of families and those of children. This field or rather profession basically revolves around the ability of the student to understand the various theories in socialization. If one understands these quite effectively, this enhances his ability to contemplate initialize and apply the same concepts and theories practically in real life. It is from these theories that one is able to understand the vast diversification that is linked to with the society. There are many factors that bind and separate the society, one being cultural differences and diversification. For one practicing these profession to understand how to deal with such delicate issues without been indiscriminate and without practicing prejudice on one of the involved parties in the society, he or she should have enough and vast knowledge on the theories of socialization. It is from these theories that one is able to learn and understand the society despite its diversity. One is able to single out each and every aspect of the society and understand each and...
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