Red Bull Branding

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Red Bull Distribution Policy
Traditional marketing approach (wholesaler, retailer) is combined with direct distribution to target customers: events and Red Bull cars (

USA: They have partner distributors (exclusive) in the States (vertical distribution: contractual?): Separate Distribution company, that Red Bull owns: Red Bull Distribution Co., a subsidiary of Red Bull North America based in Santa Monica, Calif. ( Red Bull Distribution has 30 distribution centers in 12 markets across the country. In 2012, it expects to sell more than 11 million cases of Red Bull products in North America through its distribution channels. Red Bull sells energy drinks, energy shots and cola drinks in convenience stores and other retail outlets. The Beverage Works – sell only Red Bull - The Beverage Works has been a close Red Bull partner since April of 2000 – we are the New York and New Jersey area’s sole distributor of this now legendary beverage. We are fully committed to the life and health of Red Bull and all its consumers like you who enjoy its benefits and peerless taste. We help our retailers capitalize on all of Red Bull’s events and promotions and ensure that your favorite establishment or store has it in stock. ( Power Distributing is the premier distributor for Red Bull beverage products for Northern Illinois and Indiana. We do more than distribute the world's number one energy drink. We build relationships with our retail customers by offering competitive programs that help maximize their profits and grow their business. (

Extreme Beverage - Twin Cities metropolitan area, all of Southern Minnesota, and the North Western counties. Starting with just a few local friends and business, Extreme Beverage now established as a...
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