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To Whom It May Concern,

This letter offers my complete support of Krasimira Mitreva as she applies for a Master program in your distinguished department. I have known Krasimira as an undergraduate student for the past four years. During that time she was a student in three of my courses: International Marketing, Management of International Investment Projects and International Business Analysis at Varna Free University. In those courses, Krasimira wrote three pieces of long term papers for me, and I recall that in one of them in particular her revisions after a group discussion of her work were substantial and well-focused. I also recall that Krasimira was one of those few I could turn to when I needed to spark discussion; she was never lethargic, uninterested, or unprepared, but always willingly thoughtful and articulate. She provided me with a touchstone for what was best in the class.

Krasimira was one of the best students I had in these classes. She is a careful and creative thinker with an eye for details and a devotion to logic, which serves her well both in the sciences and outside them. I was impressed by her influences in design skills to demonstrate answers in strong logical and precise manners. While most of her peers could only replicate strategies from textbook samples, Ms Mitreva usually approached the solution in inovative ways by consulting recent publications and journals. She has the terrific ability to draw on her own experience and observations to develop thoughtful opinions on a variety of issues. Her clear understandings to the complication of international business theories tidiness to marketing projects made her achieve a good mark during final exams. It is also worth mention the level of confidence and diligences that Ms Mitreva demonstrated in my classes were extraordinary. Her presentations in the classes were always well prepared and well spoken for discussions in the seminars, she participated.

Krasimira was also invaluable...
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