Reality Is Broken Summary

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Zhang Huijing
Fashion Marketing English 2nd Year
We always regard “GAMES” as “pastimes”, but in reality the functions of games are more than that.

First Part_ Introduction: Reality is broken
Games have had enough of reality.
You are one of gamers or you definitely know some of them.
Who are the gamers?
From different professions, ages of people could be the gamers. They play different types of games from World of Warcraft, Guitar Hero, Rock Band to Halo3… and the gamers are from different countries. They may have jobs, goals, school works, families, commitments and real lives they care about,but they devote more and more of their spare time to game world. In contrast, the real world is feeling like missing something. Collectively, the planet is now spending more than 3 billion hours a week gaming. Why so many gamers?

Gamers want to know where in the real world gamer could sense of being fully alive, feel power, heart expanding thrill of success or team victory. They can experience these feelings in the games more than in the real world. Game and gamers create a huge amount profit and potentiality We have turned digital games for computers, mobile phones and home entertainment systems into what is expected to be a $68 billion industry annually by the year 2012. So we are creating a massive virtual effort and emotional energy and attention on game worlds instead of on the real world. Compared to games, reality is broken

The fact that so many people of all ages, all over the world, are choosing to spend so much time in game worlds is a sign of something important, a truth that we urgently need to recognize. The phenomenon is more than a perception is concluded: Reality, compared to games, is broken. Because in today’s society, computer and video games are fulfilling genuine human needs that the real world is currently unable to satisfy. Instead ignoring or squelching the phenomenon, we should try everything with game designed to fix what’s wrong with the reality. If our near future is more like a game, we will be happier to live in, and make our world a better place. This imagination is rational because they are based on the author’s research. The particular future the author want create

The author hopes gaming is something that everybody does and everyone knows that it is a real solution and source to happiness. And gaming could be a real platform for changing and getting things done. The whole world come together to play them. Finally, game should tackle the real dilemma and improve real lives. How to create such a future?

Optimizing human experience and organizing collaborative communities and apply it to real life. Thus game would thrill us in every morning, reduce stress, increase career satisfaction. 1. Overcome cultural bias to games

2. Build hybrid industries and unconventional partnerships between game engineers and policy makers. 3. Develop our own core game competencies so we can take an active role in changing our lives.

Second Part_ Why Games Make Us Happy?
Which emotions the most successful games carefully provoke and how these emotions effect our real lives and relationships. Chapter 1: What exactly is a game?
Four defining traits of a game:
1. The goal: provides players a sense of purpose;
2. The rules: unleash creativity and foster strategic thinking; 3. The feedback system: serves as a promise to the players that the goal is definitely achievable and it provides a motivation to keep playing; 4. Voluntary participation: ensures that intentionally stressful and challenge work is experienced as a safe and pleasurable activity. This definition explains everything about rewarding and fun of games. Fix#1: Unnecessary Obstacles

Compared with games, reality is too easy. Games challenge us with voluntary obstacles and help us put our personal strengths to...
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