Raymond Loewy

Topics: Graphic design, Logo, Cigarette Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: June 1, 2013
I am going to analyze on Raymond Loewy’s Design. First of all, design background of Ray Loewy will be introduced. Secondly, some example will be selected from his designed area: Brand Image – Lucky Strike, Car, Greyhound and Product Design – Furniture. Finally, I will further analyze on each areas, on the shape, structure and comparisons of his influence in the past and today. Background

Raymond Loewy (1893 - 1986) He was born in France in 1893 and immigrated to the United States in 1919. After a successful career in commercial illustration, he turned to the new field of industrial design in the late 1920s. His design dominated from the 1930s into the 1950s. He crafted a signature style by blending the traditional with European modernism. The most important thing is that his work combined beauty, function, and simplification. He suggested that “Between two products equal in price, function, and quality, the better looking will outsell the other.” The influence till now that we all care about not just the structures and functions, but also the appearance and packaging.

If we ignore the bad effect caused by cigarette. Lucky Strike is one of the most attractive icon nowadays. However, the old green package was found not attractive to women, who had become an important consumer of tobacco

The green used in this package was dull and boring. Green gave people cold feeling. Although it used Red and Green for contrast and the name is surrounded by black and white circle at the center, representing American bull’s eye. The image was still stiff and unappealing to ladies. Besides, the logo of Lucky Strike was only placed on one side of the package which was bad for promoting the band.

Both Sided Logo

In order to solve above problems, Raymond decided to change the dark green into white, which is more natural and increasing softness of the brand image. Next, he added a simple, long red stoke on the packet. Then, he put the brand logo on both...
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