Racial Domination Notes

Topics: Racism, Race and Ethnicity, White people Pages: 23 (7132 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Chapter One: Race in the 21st Century
* 7649 incidents of hate crime in 2004 alone (race accounted for 53%; 67% were against blacks) * Many still live in poverty and urban poor are living in substandard conditions * 7 million people in prison

* Wealth: dictated by parents and whites are generally richer than blacks * Humans have low levels of genetic variation
* Biological Determinism: Social and economic differences between races are the result of immutable, inherited and inborn distinctions * “bad science”
* Been used to justify injustices and to naturalize inequalities * Race: a symbolic category based on phenotype or ancestry and constructed according to specific social and historical contexts, that is misrecognized as a natural category. This definition deserves to be unpacked. * Racial taxonomy: race-based classification system, delineates five major groups * 1. Native American and Alaskan natives

* 2. Asians and Pacific Islanders
* 3. African Americans (blacks)
* 4. Hispanic (Latinos)
* 5. Caucasians (whites)
* Naturalization (20): signifies a metamorphosis of sorts, where something created by humans is mistaken as something dictated by nature * Ethnicity: refers to shared lifestyle informed by cultural, historical, religious and/or national affiliations * Nationality (21): equated with citizenship—membership in a specific politically delineated territory controlled by a government * Five Fallacies about Racism (27)

* 1. Individualistic Fallacy: Thinks of racism as one thinks of a crime, and therefore divides the world into two types of people (those guilty of racism and those innocent) * 2. Legalistic Fallacy: assumes that abolishing racist laws automatically leads to the abolition of racism writ large and racism in practice * 3. Tokenistic Fallacy: assumes that the presence of people of color in influential positions is evidence of the complete eradication of racial obstacles; ex. Obama and Oprah * 4. Ahistorical Fallacy: These people make the claim that “Most united states history—namely, the period of time when this country did not extend basic rights to people of color (let alone classify them as fully human)—is inconsequential today. * 5. Fixed Fallacy: These people assume that it is immutable, constant across time and space and fixed; it is not measureable * Institutional Racism (30): systemic with white domination of people of color embedded and operating in corporations, universities, legal systems, political bodies, cultural life, and other social collectives * Interpersonal Racism (31): Can be overt; however, most is covert and found in the habitual, commonsensical, and ordinary practices of our lives * Ex. Eyeing a group of black people in a store or speaking slowly to Asian people because you automatically assume that they speak poor English * “To the extent that this cultural belief system has influenced all of us, we are all racists” pg. 33 * Symbolic Violence (34): The process of people of color unknowingly accepting and supporting the terms of their own domination * Intersectionality (35): explains the overlapping systems of the advantages and disadvantages that affect people differently positioned in society * Whiteness (38): a term rarely used but is racial domination normalized. This normalization produces and reproduces many cultural, political, economic and social advantages and privileges for white people * White privilege (40): the collection of unearned cultural, political, economics, and social advantages and privileges possessed by people of European descent or by those who pass as such. * Color-blindness (41): it is self-contradictory, because it is impossible not to think about a subject without having first thought about it at least a little” * White antiracists (42): recognize their white privilege and use their advantages to...
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