Race Unity Speech

Topics: New Zealand, Treaty of Waitangi, Māori Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: May 25, 2014
There are many ways of being a New Zealander. However, how can we appreciate our differences and grow together as a country? In Obama’s inaugural speech, he said that:” We recall that what binds this nation together is not the colours of our skin or the tenets of our faith or the origins of our names.” In New Zealand, as a multi-nation of immigrants, it is the same for us. Maybe our parents or grandparents are from other countries, maybe we have eyes in different colours, maybe we speak another language at home, but, now, at this time, we have the same name ---it is New Zealander. We can see kinds of culture every day without having to live our country. We have blue sky, pure air, vast grassland, delicious food and lovely Kiwi birds. How lucky living in such a comfortable country! I remember the time when I was on the plane. It was my first time in NZ, there was more excitement than worry. However, when I arrived in this country just over a year ago. I saw people in different colours speaking different languages were walking past me. It felt like a silent movie, there was no sound and I was standing among the stream of people. I was lost, all of the exciting feelings were gone, there was fear only left. I cannot imagine how I can live in such a different environment and I know nothing about it. It was a long and sleepless night before the school began. Next morning when I stepped into the classroom, I received a warm welcome and curious glance and nothing else. I found it was not as scared as I imagined. They are nice and patient. They are interested in my hometown and would talk about themselves to me. I really appreciate them giving me a suspicious start of my new life in NZ. Now there are more and more new faces joining us. I’d like to help them and share my experience with them , just like how I have been treated. So the circle will go on. As a country, the most important thing is tolerance. Just like NZ, she accepts all of us and mixes us...
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