Race Class Gender

Topics: Sociology, Racism, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 4 (771 words) Published: June 20, 2013
SOC 300 TEST 1
Dimensions of Social Inequality (we measure inequality based off…)
Wealth- what you own minus all debt (can be passed down)
Power- influence over others
Prestige (RESPECT)
Social Inequality is structured by: Race, Class, and Gender
a. Individual experience and action (we think of social inequality as a personal experience) b. Built into society through social institutions, which permeate society Prejudice- is negative thoughts against others(non-whites the out-group) Discrimination- taking action on prejudice that harms others RACE-is not scientifically valid or useful way to think about human diversity (most ppl believe its real) a. History-

b. A political weapon to divide people( into the haves and have nots) c. Not a biological classification (we are 99% the same)were too similar arbitrary choice of biological traitsmore variation within races than btwn them d. Race is a cultural category

e. Race doesn’t tell you anything important about a person f. Color based labels don’t even accurately describe skin color g. Alternative concept ETHNICTY

A. Believing that there are 2 races
B. Believing that races are biologically unequal, in respect to intelligence C. Acting to cause harm to a individual or group.

a. Different access to wealth, prestige, and power
b. Status: ascribed or achieved
c. Mobility possible (to move up or down a class ranking) d. It’s a continuum
e. Sub-cultures, lifestyles
f. Life chances
a. Sex (biological)
b. Gender (learned)
c. Sexism- that one sex is better than another in this dichotomy Minority- not numerical representation, but relative status &power in society FIVE general characteristics SHARED by minority groups

a. Unequal treatment
b. Identifiable(accent, language, physically)
c. Peoplehood(sense of being united)
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