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Self-Mastery Quiz —The Roman Republic

1.The name of the ancient ancestors of the Romans who settled in 12 self-governing city-state kingdoms, spoke Latin, and introduced the arch in architecture were the _____________________________.

2.The most powerful social class in Rome was the one made up of the large landholding aristocrats who could trace their blood lines back to the original founders of Rome called ________________________.

3.All Roman citizens that were not of aristocratic blood, whether they were wealthy or impoverished, were known as _____________________________.

4.In 509 BC the aristocrats of Rome overthrew their king and established the Roman Republic, giving the power to govern to elected body of aristocrats called the __________________________.

5.The title of the two executive leaders of that body, who were elected for one year and who also served as commander-in-chiefs of the Roman army was _________________________.

6.The other governing body of the Roman Republic that was composed of all male citizens who were not aristocrats over the age of 25 years of age was called the _________________________________.

7.The first crisis of the Roman Republic when the commoners walked out of Rome threatening to form a new city state because of exploitation was called the ______________________________________.

8.One of the commoners demands was for their own elected official who sit in the Senate to listen and exercise their veto over legislation which official was called a _____________________.

9.The law that finally gave the lower assembly an equal right to make laws as the aristocratic body was called ______________________________________.

10.The main goddess of Rome, whom the Romans believed would always protect them so long as they never extinguish the fire that burned in her honor was named ___________________.

11.To have great courage and honorably fight for what you believe in is the quality most...
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