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1.Question :The tremendous growth in advertising and promotion throughout the world is due to:

Student Answer: a redefining of the term marketing

the growth of the U.S. and global economies

the lack of print and broadcast media in many nations

the tremendous growth in the number of advertising agencies worldwide

2.Question :One of the major tools of direct marketing is ______ advertising, whereby a product is promoted through an ad that encourages the consumer to purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Student Answer: Direct-response




3.Question :One of the primary advantages inherent in the use of publicity is its:

Student Answer: Ability to be personalized


Almost non-existent variable costs


4.Question :There are many different types of medicines for relieving allergy symptoms, and there are several that offer 24-hour relief, but only Alavert comes in a quick-dissolving form that can be easily swallowed without water. The maker of Alavert hopes that the fact that it dissolves and enters the system more quickly than other brands will create a:

Student Answer: Market aggregation

Market segment

Competitive advantage

Market strength

5.Question :A brand's market position refers to its:

Student Answer: Relative market share

Location on store shelves


Distribution intensity

6.Question :Whether a company decides to employ a push or pull strategy is directly influenced by:

Student Answer: the company's relationship with the trade

existing supplies of the firm's products

the amount of money budgeted for marketing research

the company's mission statement

7.Question :The ______ is the major participant in the integrated marketing communications process whose primary function is to provide information or entertainment to an audience.

Student Answer: Client

Advertising agency



8.Question :A(n) _______ is an individual who specializes in helping clients choose their advertising agencies.

Student Answer: Media specialist

Ad agency review consultant

Account representative

Brand manager

9.Question :Marketing research firms:

Student Answer: seldom conduct qualitative research for ad agencies

are one of the most widely used types of collateral services

are actually classified as data warehouses because of their relations with ad agencies are not typically used by ad agencies

10.Question :_______ is the process and activities people engage in when searching for, selecting, purchasing, using, evaluating, and disposing of products and services so as to satisfy their needs and desires.

Student Answer: Marketing


Consumer behavior

Conspicuous consumption

11.Question :Information such as product knowledge, meanings, and beliefs is combined to evaluate alternatives through:

Student Answer: Motive stimulation

Subliminal perception

Integration processes

Cognitive dissonance

12.Question :Reference groups to which one would like to belong are called _____ groups.

Student Answer: Aspirational




13.Question :Which of the following is NOT a controllable variable in the communication process?

Student Answer: Senders




14.Question :Negative thoughts about a spokesperson in an ad are called:

Student Answer: Source derogations


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