Quiz 3

Topics: Fallacy, Ad hominem, Tu quoque Pages: 4 (884 words) Published: September 1, 2013
PHI 210 (Critical Thinking)
Week 9 Quiz 3

Question 1

If students play video games, their school work will suffer, and they will not have the ability to succeed in life, ending up in lower paying jobs and needing government programs, which will increase our taxes. So video games will increase our taxes. CORRECT ANSWER – Slippery Slope

Question 2

Professor Andrews, surely I deserve a B in logic. I know that I have gotten F's on all the tests, but if you give me an F for my final grade, I will lose my scholarship. That will force me to drop out of school, and my poor, aged parents, who yearn to see me graduate, will be grief-stricken for the rest of their lives.CORRECT ANSWER – Appeal to Pity

Question 3

Gay and lesbian groups have argued in favor of legislation to prevent their people from being discriminated against. But we must remember that a genetic basis for homosexuality has yet to be discovered. Granted, some studies indicate that homosexuality has a biological origin, but these studies are too limited to be conclusive. Thus, the safest policy right now is to take no action at all on these questions.CORRECT ANSWER – Red Herring

Question 4

This administration is not anti-German, as it has been alleged. Germany is a great country. It has contributed immensely to the world's artistic treasury. Goethe and Schiller made magnificent contributions to literature, and Bach, Beethoven, Wagner, and Brahms did the same in music.CORRECT ANSWER – Red Herring

Question 5

Officer, How can you ticket me for speeding, when I see cops speeding all the time? CORRECT ANSWER – Tu Quoque

Question 6

It was his fault, Officer. You can tell by the kind of car I'm driving and by my clothes that I am a good citizen and would not lie. Look at the rattletrap he is driving, and look at how he is dressed. You can't believe anything that a dirty, longhaired hippie like that might tell you. Search his car; he probably has pot in it....
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