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Topics: Database, Relational model, Concurrency control Pages: 3 (556 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Subject Code: 2620003

Subject: Database Management System

Question List Mid-Semester - I Examination
UNIT - 1 1. Explain advantages of database over file system 2. Describe Three Level Architecture. 3. Explain Data Independence with its Types and Examples. 4. Definition : 1) Assertion 2) Authorization 5. Explain Object-Oriented Data Model 6. Explain Semi-Structured Data Model. 7. Explain Database System Architecture. 8. Explain Duties of Database Administrator. UNIT - 2 9. What are the steps involved in designing a database application? Explain with an example. 10. What is E-R Model? What is purpose of E-R Model? 11. Explain Entity and Entity Sets with Examples. 12. Explain Relation and Relationship Sets with Examples. 13. What is Attributes? Explain types of Attributes with Example 14. What Cardinalities in Database System? Explain types of cardinalities. 15. Explain Superkey, Candidate Key and Primary key with proper example. 16. Explain Participation Constraint with Example. 17. Explain Weak Entity Set. 18. Explain E-R diagram components. 19. Explain Subtype and Supertype with Example. 20. Explain Generalization and Specialization with Example. 21. Explain Aggregation Relationship with Example.  NOTE: IN UNIT – 2 NOT INCLUDE E-R DIAGRAM QUESTION. By: Nilay M Shah – KPP-MCA Department Page 1

Subject Code: 2620003

Subject: Database Management System

UNIT – 3 22. What is Normalization? Why we need normalization in database? Explain Pros and Cons of Normalization. 23. Explain different Normalization Forms Rules. 24. What is Functional Dependency? What is use of Functional Dependency? Explain with Example. 25. Explain with Example: 1) Full Functional Dependency 2) Partial Functional Dependency 3) Trivial Functional Dependency 4) Multivalued Dependency 26. Explain NORMALIZATON FORMS with proper Example. 27. Explain Closer Set of Functional Dependency Algorithm. 28. Explain Armstrong’s Axioms 29. Canonical Cover 30. Lossless Decomposition 31....
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