Quality Management Principles

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Quality Management Principles in Travel Agency
By: Ihsan Raharjo - 7085271

Definition of Customers:
There are two kinds of customers that can be considered for a travel agency. The first is the public, in which this also has several types of customers that have different needs and expectation. The second is corporate customers, they have more specific needs which is related to the needs of their business and how the travel agency can support it. Definition of Products:

Products that is offered by travel agency is diverse and related to tourism, those can include transportation products (bus rents, airplane tickets, ship tickets), taking care of documents, accommodation services, guides for tours or a package tour that includes all of them. From the products that are mentioned, the organization gains profit from commission. Definition of Requirements:

* A travel agency needs to have a high level of communication skills inside their organization and outside the organization, because the position they are in is as a third party between the suppliers and customers. * Nowadays, travel agencies also need to be creative in marketing their products because with the quick development of technology basically a customer can plan and do all the activities without the need of a travel agency. * Service is also an important requirement because basically the price of travel products is not very different and tends to become very competitive. Service is what makes the difference between products. Based on the definitions regarding customers, products and requirements of an travel agency, I can define two most important quality management principles that is vital for the success of the organization. The first is customer focus and second is mutually beneficial supplier relationship. The type of the organization that I am going to talk more about is an travel agency that focuses on corporate clients. 1. Customer focus

Understanding current and future needs of...
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