Pulse Pressure Introduction

Topics: Blood pressure, Blood, Artery Pages: 3 (804 words) Published: October 28, 2014
This experiment involves measuring and identifying the change in blood pressure. In this experiment, measurements of systolic arterial pressure, diastole arteriole pressure, and pulse rate were recorded and observed. The effects of changes in the body were observed and measured during body positioning, exercise, and cognitive stress. The purpose of this lab experiment was to test multiple variables that can have an effect on blood pressure and pulse. As stated, the following variables that were tested were changes in posture, exercise, and a cognitive stressor that involved spelling forward and backwards. “Blood pressure is defined as the pressure that blood exerts against any unit area of the walls blood vessels or a chamber of the heart.” (Marieb et. al 2012) The rate that blood flows through the body is being examined in the lab, factors/variables tested can either increase or decrease the blood pressure/pulse pressure. A sphygmomanometer is used to measure the blood pressure associated with the pulse. The systole represents periods of contraction, while diastole represents periods of relaxation. Systolic pressure is “pressure exerted by blood on the blood vessel wall during ventricular contractions at the pressures peak. Diastolic pressure is the heart at rest (at its lowest level). “The difference between diastolic and systolic pressure is called the pulse pressure” (Marieb et. al 2012) The force that is needed to push blood through the vessels, and the amount of resistance of the blood flow travelling throughout the blood vessel will determine measurements. Cardiac output is the amount of blood that is pumped out by each ventricle, each time in one minute. Stroke volume is defined as the volume of blood that is pumped out by only one ventricle with each beat. The force that’s done by ventricle contraction impacts stroke volume. Although stroke volume is nearly constant, temporary stressors influence the heart rate, which impacts cardiac output,...
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