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Chapter 10: Thinking
HW #59: Due Date
Rd: Pg. 395-Pg.401
1. Describe a life without concepts?
2. Provide an example of a category hierarchy
3. Describe the experiment concerning memory shifts conducted by Olivier Corneille
4. Why is heuristics a better strategy then step-by-step algorithm in finding another word in SPLOYOCHYG?
5. How did psychologists Mark-Jung-Beeman, John Kounios, and Edward Bowden identify brain associations with flashes of insight?
6. How is insight critical in understanding a punch-line to a joke? 7. Provide an example of mental set and functional fixedness 8. Provide an example of the representativeness heuristic and availability heuristic

9. How does the availability heuristic affect our social judgment, as Ruth Hamil demonstrated?
10. How did Kaheman and Tversky demonstrate overconfidence?
11. Describe the advantage and disadvantage of being overconfident? 12. Describe the four influences on our intuitions about risk, and how does it affect us irrationally fear 9/11?
13. How does the framing effect influence economic and business decisions?
14. Describe two invalid conclusions proving the belief bias? 15. Why is it so difficult to dismiss the belief perseverance phenomenon?
16. How is intuition adaptive in solving a problem?
HW #60: Due Date
Rd. Pg.410-Pg.417
1. How learning different sets of phonemes make it difficult for people of one language to produce phonemes of another language?
2. How many morphemes in the word cat? How many phonemes?
3. How is English syntax different from Spanish syntax in ordering words into syntax?
4. What is the universal relationship between the most common words used in all languages?
5. Why are many hearing parents of hearing children teach their children sign language?
6. Describe the babies’ receptive language
7. Why is the babbling stage not an imitation of adult speech? 8. Why is it important to have exposure to other languages?
9. Describe the four stages of language development after the babbling stage?
10. How did Skinner believe that we could explain language development? 11. Describe Chomsky’s language acquisition box, surface structure of a language, and deep structure of a language
12. Why are human infants considered little statisticians?
13. Are we capable of performing the same feat of statistical analysis throughout our life span?
14. What happens to children who are not exposed to either a spoken or a signed language during their early years?
15. How do we describe Skinner’s and Chomsky’s influence regarding this statement “Children’s genes design complex brain wiring that prepares them to learn language as they interact with their

care- givers”?
HW #61: Due Date
1. Provide evidence for Word’s linguistic determinism theory? 2. Describe the experiment conducted by Michael Ross, Elaine Xum, and Anne Wilson regarding China-born bilingual students in Canada? 3. Provide evidence that language determining the way we think is too strong

4. Describe language and perception
5. Why does it pay to increase word power
6. What is the bilingual advantage, and how did Wallace lambert apply this concept with Canadian children?
7. What are the arguments of “English-only” education vs. bilingual education?
8. Provide three examples oft thinking in images as beneficial 9. How does mental rehearsal help achieve an academic goal?
10. What previous evidence supports thinking without language? 11. How do we conclusively know that thinking affects language? -

HW #62: Due Date
Rd. Pg.423-Pg.428
1. How does the great ape display capacities for thinking?
2. How did Wolfgang Kohler observe apparent insight while observing chimpanzees?
3. Provide additional example of Chimpanzee inventiveness
4. What conclusions do Thomas Suddendorf and Andrew Whitten estimate about great ape’s capacity to for reasoning, self-recognition, empathy, and imitation?
5. What is amazing about Rico, the border collie that demonstrates...
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