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Topics: Developmental psychology, Erikson's stages of psychosocial development, Parenting styles Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Study Sheet for Psy 210 Final – Summer 2011 1. Know the following stages in prenatal development with a general understanding of what happens in these stages: Germinal, Embryonic, and Fetal stages from an example 2. Know the following trends in physical development: proximodistal, cephalocaudal, generalized to specific tendency in development 3. Know the following terms and the ages at which they generally occur: Menarche, spermarche, osteoporosis 4. Know Piaget’s sensorimotor stage from an example 5. Know Piaget’s preoperational stage from an example 6. Know Piaget’s concrete operations stage from an example 7. Know Piaget’s formal operations stage from an example 8. Know the Piagetian post-formal operations stage from an example 9. Know Piaget’s concept of assimilation from an example 10. Know Piaget’s concept of accommodation from an example 11. Know Vygotsky’s concept of zone of proximal development from an example 12. Know Vygotsky’s concept of scaffolding from an example 13. Know how Vygotsky’s and Piaget’s concepts of knowledge acquisition differ 14. Know the predicted changes in concrete and fluid intelligence through the life span from an example 15. Know the hallmarks of attachment as discussed in your book 16. Know Ainsworth’s Secure attachment style from an example 17. Know Ainsworth’s Avoidant attachment style from an example 18. Know Ainsworth’s Resistant attachment style from an example 19. Know Erikson’s stage of Trust vs Mistrust from an example 20. Know Erikson’s stage of Autonomy vs Shame from an example 21. Know Erikson’s stage of Initiative vs Guilt from an example 22. Know Erikson’s stage of Industry vs Inferiority from an example 23. Know Erikson’s stage of Identity vs Identity Diffusion from an example 24. Know Erikson’s stage of Intimacy vs Isolation from an example 25. Know Erikson’s stage of Generativity vs Stagnation from an example 26. Know Erikson’s stage of Integrity vs Despair from an example 27. Know Baumrinds authoritative...
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