Psychology Quiz 1

Topics: Psychology, Cognition, Cognitive science Pages: 3 (335 words) Published: October 5, 2012
1. Your textbook defines psychology as the science of mind and behavior.        True

2. Behavioralism uses the method of introspection to identify the basic elements of psychological experience.              False

3. Regarding the historical development of contemporary psychology, psychology has become more objective and scientific.        True
4. Wundt is known for opening one of the first laboratories in psychology and contributing to structuralism.        True

5. Titchener is the psychologist associated with the approach of structuralism.    True

6. Dr. Greenway argues that psychology should focus on observable, measurable behavior. Dr. Cech suggests that psychology should study how people think and process information about the world. Dr. Greenway is arguing for the psychodynamic approach, while Dr. Cech is suggesting the behaviorist approach.       


7. Cognitive psychology does not involve the study of mental processes including thinking and memory.       

8. The scientific method is the assumptions, rules, and procedures that psychologists use to gather observations.        True

9. Heritability is the proportion of observed differences among people that is due to their environments.       

10. Individual differences mean the many variations among people.        True

11. A social norm is best defined as a cognitive structure.       
12. Wundt is best known for his contributions to the theory of functionalism.       

13. Functionalism does not emphasize why our behavior and mental processes are the way they are.       

14. Skinner opened one of the first psychology laboratories.       

15. Evolutionary psychology is about the application of Darwinian theory of natural selection to understanding behavior.        True...
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