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Physiological Psychology Review Questions AICE PsychologyMr. Follman

Answer the following questions on separate papers

Core Studies 1 questions:
Section A

1) The Maguire study on taxi drivers used PET scans.

(a) Explain what a PET scan measured in this study.

(b) Outline one piece of evidence that suggests the brains of taxi drivers are different from the brains of non-taxi drivers.

2) The study by Dement and Kleitman on sleep and dreaming was conducted in a controlled laboratory environment.
Outline two controls which ensured the procedure was the same for each participant.

3) Demattè, Österbauer and Spence (smells and facial attractiveness) used a pilot study to decide what to use as pleasant and unpleasant odours.

a) Which odours did they use as ‘pleasant’ and ‘unpleasant’?

b) Why do psychologists use pilot studies?

4) In the study by Schachter and Singer on emotion the stooge behaved either angrily or euphorically.

(a) Describe one way in which the stooge behaved angrily and one way in which the stoogebehaved euphorically.

(b) Which two groups of participants tended not to copy the behaviour of the stooge?

5) Dement and Kleitman studied rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep.

a) How were REM and NREM sleep measured?

(b) Give two differences between REM sleep and NREM sleep.

6) In the study by Maguire on brain scans, participants had to complete a baseline comparison task.

a) Briefly describe the procedure of the baseline comparison task.

b) Suggest why participants had to complete this task.

7) All studies in psychology raise ethical issues. Outline two ethical issues in the study by Dematte (olfactory cues in attractiveness).

8) In the study by Schachter and Singer on emotion:

a) Outline one method that was used to record the responses of the participants.

b) What advantage did the use of one of these methods give to the study?

9) One study by Dement and Kleitman looked at the relationship between eye movements and dream content.

a) Briefly describe the dream content for one participant.

b) What did Dement and Kleitman conclude about the relationship between eye movements and dream content?

Section B

10) Some studies in psychology gather both quantitative and qualitative data. Choose any one of the studies from the list below and answer the questions which follow.

Schachter and Singer (emotion)
Dement and Kleitman (sleep and dreaming)

a) Outline the procedure of your chosen study.

b) Describe the quantitative and qualitative results of your chosen study.

(c) Using your chosen study as an example, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the qualitative approach?

(d) Suggest a different way of gathering data for your chosen study and say what effect, if any, this would have on the results.

11) Evaluate the studies listed below in terms of reliability.

Demattè, Ősterbauer and Spence (smells and facial attractiveness)
Maguire (PET Scans of taxi drivers)

Core Studies 2 questions:

Section A

12) Demattè, Ősterbauer and Spence (smells and facial attractiveness) investigated the effect of olfactory cues on attractiveness of male faces to female participants. They asked the participants many relevant questions prior to the experiment but did not ask about their sexual orientation.

a) What is meant by ‘generalisation’?

b) To what extent are the findings of Demattè, Ősterbauer and Spence generalisible?

c) ‘Halo dumping’ was one possible threat to validity considered by Demattè,...
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