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1.3-15 seconds: According to research on the human sexual response pattern, an orgasm lasts for about ____. 2.Absolute threshold: You are studying in your dorm room, but your neighbor is blasting the television in the adjacent room. When you gently request that your neighbor turn the volume down until you cannot hear it, you are asking your neighbor to make the volume less than your ____. 3.Affectionate love: When individuals desire to have another person near and have a deep, caring affection for the person, they are displaying ____. 4.Amygdala: Which of the following brain structures plays an important role in the experience of fear? 5.Blind spot: The ____ is the area near the center of the retina where there are no rods and no cones. 6.Bystander effect: In 1964, Kitty Genovese was brutally stabbed to death in front of her apartment building. It took the assailant approximately 30 minutes to kill Genovese. Police reports showed that although 38 neighbors witnessed the event, no one helped or called the police. According to you knowledge of social psychology, this incident can be best explained by ____. 7.Can influence thoughts, feelings, behavior: Subliminally presented stimuli ____. 8.Cannon-bard theory.: According to the ____, emotion and physiological reactions occur simultaneously. 9.Cause the eardrum to vibrate: When sound waves enter the ear canal, they first cause ____. 10.Central route persuasion: Allison is at a workshop, where a presenter is attempting to persuade people to make a rather risky but potentially profitable financial investment. The arguments for investing appeal to logic and rationality. After slowly and carefully considering the presenter's arguments, Allison finds this person's idea sounds compelling and decides to invest. This example best demonstrates the ____ persuasion. 11.Children who focused on non-cookie related thoughts were better able to delay gratification than those focused on cookie related thoughts.: Walter Mischel conducted a classical study on how children delay gratification. Children were left alone in a room with a tempting cookie in their reach. Researchers told the children that they could ring a bell and eat the cookie, or if they waited until the experimenter returned, they would get two cookies. In truth, the experimenter did not return, as researchers were interested in measuring how long children would wait before eating the cookie. Results of this self-control dilemma showed that ____. 12.Children who frequently play violent video games are more likely to engage in aggressive delinquent behaviors.: Based on the information presented in your textbook, what is the most likely outcome experience by children who frequently play violent video games? 13.Cochlear implants, like hearing aids, work by amplifying sound: Which of the following statements about cochlear implants is FALSE? 14.Cognitive dissonance: ____ is the tension that arises when people realize that their behavior is inconsistent with their attitudes. 15.Cognitive dissonance: When people try to confront Alfred about drinking too much alcohol, he replies, "Drinking may be harmful to my health, but I'll die having a good time." This statement, which is an example of self-justification, illustrates Alan's attempt to reduce cognitive ____. 16.Colored part of eye, contains muscles that control size of pupils: The iris is the ____. 17.Combination of genetic, environmental, and hormonal factors.: An individual's sexual orientation is determined by what factors? 18.Competence, autonomy, and relatedness.: According to self-determination theory, people are most fulfilled when they satisfy which three fundamental needs? 19.Concept of reciprocity: Robert regularly gives donations of blood to the Red Cross because he received a life-saving transfusion when he was in a car accident two years ago. Robert's helping behavior is best explained by ____. 20.Decibels: Which of...
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