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Topics: Middle school, High school, Human sexual behavior Pages: 2 (864 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Sexting and Sex go Hand in Hand for Middle School Kids
This article written by Allie Bidwell informs parents, educators, and even teens about the dangers of sexting. Sexting is not only an immature decision but it also a dangerous one. It can lead to other promiscuous acts such as actual sexual activities. It is also a crime, the distributing of explicit pictures or having possession of them is a form of child pornography, a serious crime. Statistics and surveys prove this issue has only increased in number of pupil’s sexting. Sexting is a growing trend among adolescents, and we as a society must come up with a solution. This article can be related to Sigmund Freud’s views on sexual desires, as well as his concept of the id, and the pleasure principle. I don’t believe it is educator’s fault that this sexting trend is rapidly progressing because we are well informed of the dangers this poses through different health classes and guest speakers at the school. The majority of these pupils who sext are fully aware of the potential consequences, and perhaps just need stricter consequences to prevent them from this inappropriate action. A new article and study claims that sexting and sex go hand in hand for middle schoolers. Statistics and facts back up this claim. This article was written by Allie Bidwell on June 30th, 2014, and it was published in the U.S. News. Researchers from the University of California conducted studies on middle school students in Los Angeles and found some disturbing and shocking results. We know sexting and sex is a serious growing issue among high school students, but the fact that this trend is rapidly spreading to middle school students is a fact to be feared. About 1,200 middle school students in Los Angeles were surveyed about the sexting and if they have sent or received pornographic photos. With a mean age of only 12.3, the results are shocking. About 20% of these pupils had already received an inappropriate sexual photo...

References: Bidwell, A. (2014, June 30). Sexting and Sex go Hand in Hand for Middle Schoolers. Retrieved September 2, 2014.
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