Psychology Chapter One Outline

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Psychology Chapter One
October 6, 2013

What Is Psychology
oPsychology is the science of behavior and mental processes, and has many specialties. Psychology: Three Branches
Experimental Psychology: The smallest of the three groups; perform most of the research. •Teachers of Psychology: Found at colleges and universities, where their assignments typically involve not only teaching but also research and publication. •Applied Psychology: This branch uses the knowledge obtained by experimental psychologists to help people with problems. oIndustrial an Organizational are known for the personal selection in a work environment to insure peak productivity and morale.

oSports psychologists aid athletes in bettering their performance through confidence boosting methods, like time management, practice design, and emotion control. oPsychiatry is a medical specialty, Psychiatrists are a MD. They can prescribe drugs and medical procedures for people with metal diseases. •Critically Thinking about Psychology and Pseudo-Psychology oPseudo-psychology: unsupported psychological beliefs with claims of mysterious powers of the mind and supernatural influences on our personalities. oCritical thinking skills are a specific question we ask when confronting new ideas. Six Critical Thinking Skills

What is the source?
Is the claim reasonable or extreme?
What is the evidence?
Could bias pollute the conclusion?
Does the reasoning avoid misleading ideas?
Does the issue require multible viewpoints?
Core Concept
oSeparation of Mind and Body and the Modern Biological Perspective.17th-century philosopher René Descartes proposed a new idea: a difference between the spiritual mind and the physical body. Six main viewpoints of modern psychology

Biological: personalities, preferences, behavior patterns, and abilities all stem from our physical makeup.( Rene Descartes) •Cognitive: Methods of science are used to objectively...

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