Psychology Ch 6 Answer to Study Guide

Topics: Operant conditioning, Phobia, Family Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: November 19, 2012
Chapter 6:
1. From an operant conditioning perspective, it is important for parents to "catch kids being good" and praise them. In operant condition we learn based on the action and consequence. For example, parents tell their kids to clean their room. Then when they clean up their room, we give them candy or money. Another example would be when parents see their children or pets doing something good without having to tell them, in result they reward them. Children will soon do it all the time on their own. This is so difficult to do because after a while they will always expect a reward or praise after doing something good. 2. A normal fear of mines our be my fear of dogs. I consider it a normal fear because my neighbor use to always get a pit-bull and they would always get loose whenever he wasn’t at home. So we couldn’t go outside or do anything fun. For example, one day we miss school one morning because the dog was loose and my sister and I was afraid it would attack us. A fear of mines that I think is a phobia is Arachnophobia and Astraphobia. The fear of spiders and lightning. I really don't remember how I develop these fears, but every time I see a spider I run the opposite direction. When it lightning I do not go outside or in a room with lots of windows. However, I do remember how I develop my fear of dogs. When I was little my grandmother use to say if you be bad that dog is going to bit you. At this time my uncle was staying with my grandmother and he had two big dogs that was supposal harmless. 3. I agree that all this talk about the negative effects of violence on TV and in video games is an over reaction. Parents should monitor what their children are expose to. Simply, because the violence they see can lead some people to think and believe that its okay do the same thing in real life. The video games that they play only make them more curious. For example, my mom would tell us not to disobey my grandmother while she was way at...
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