Psychology 102

Topics: Scientific method, Psychology, Statistical hypothesis testing Pages: 4 (583 words) Published: January 27, 2014
tember 5th 2013

People in Perspective:

Two Branches of Psychology:

Begin in late 1800’s
Wundt (Physiology plus philosophy) first experimental psychology lab Outgrowth of physiology
Focus on scientific investigation of psychological phenomena Understand consciousness

William James first introductory psychology class in Harvard 1875 Father of American Psychology
Nature of emotion, self-experience, etc.

Clinical Branch
Began late 1800’s
Austria (considered as founder)
Focus on therapy to people suffering from disorders
Physical symptoms caused by psychological diseases
Stress + conflict manifest physically
“Talking cure” (although not scientific approach, theoretical trial and error)

Psychology Today:
Clinical and Research combined
Considered “hub” science

Psychology: scientific study of behavior and mental processes of living organisms Psyche: mind, soul, spirit, self + -Ology: branch of knowledge

Pupils dilate when people see something interesting. Does this make dilated pupils more attractive? Role of arousal on attraction? Misinterpretation of arousal as attraction? Does online dating yield better dating results than traditional dating? How do couples deal with conflict effectively?

When depression results from the loss of a relationship, should it be treated with anti-depressants?

Methods of psychological research
Motivation and emotion
Stress and health
Social Psychology
Clinical Disorders and Treatment

September 10th. 2013

Research Methods in Psychology:
Why study scientifically? Intuitions are often biased, inaccurate, or based on “after the fact” reasoning.”

Example Question:
What is the key to success?
Ability (Arthur Schopenhauer), luck (J. Paul Getty), Persistence (Albert Einstein).

Theory: Success is fueled by persistence (answer to question why?) Specify hypothesis: Students...
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