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PSYC 431 – Spring 2013 1
Course Syllabus Psychology 431 - B: Cognitive Psychology – Spring 2013 Classroom: HLSB 366 Time: TR 11:00 am to 12:15 pm Instructor Dr. Maya M. Khanna Office: HLS 331 Phone: (402) 280-3452 E-mail: Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:15 – 2:00 pm and 3:15 to 3:45pm, by appointment, and by email during weekdays. Teaching Assistant Brittany Zastrow Office: HLS 324 E-mail: Office Hours: Mondays 1:30 to 2:30pm and Wednesdays 9:30 – 10:30 am Text Ashcraft, M.H. & Radvansky, G. A. (2010). Cognition. (5th Edition), Belmont, CA: Prentice Hall. Course Description This course is concerned with the scientific study of cognition. The focus will be on the research and theories that have been central to the field. Topics for the course include the history of psychology leading up to the cognitive revolution, cognitive neuroscience, attention, sensation and perception, memory, concept formation, language, computer models, decision making, problem solving, intelligence, and more. Educational Goals 1) To generate interest in cognitive psychology. 2) To advance knowledge about cognitive psychology. 3) To encourage the application of this knowledge. 4) To develop creative thinking. 5) To develop analytical skills. Learning Outcomes 1) Students will demonstrate content knowledge of key issues in cognitive psychology. 2) Students will identify and explain key components of traditional and contemporary theories in cognitive psychology. 3) Students will identify and discuss research designs (e.g., correlational, experimental) used to examine cognition. 4) Students will critically evaluate theories in cognitive psychology. Course Announcements and Postings Including Class Cancellations: Often it will be necessary to make course-related announcements outside of the class meeting time. These course announcements will be made on the Blueline2 course website, which can be found at In addition, other courserelated materials will be posted on the Blueline2 course website. It is in your best interest to check this website often to ensure that you have not missed any announcements or postings. If, for any reason, class needs to be cancelled (e.g., because of inclement weather), an announcement will be posted on the Blueline course website. In addition, you will receive an email (sent to your Creighton email account) to let you know that class has been cancelled. DISRUPTION OF NORMAL CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES

PSYC 431 – Spring 2013 2
In the event of disruption of normal classroom activities due to a disease or other medical outbreak, a natural disaster, or other emergency, the format for this course may be modified to enable completion of the course. In that event, you will be provided an addendum to this syllabus that will supersede this version.

Course Reading Assignments‡ - These reading assignments should be completed before the class meeting on the assigned date. All readings are from Ashcraft & Radvansky (2010) unless otherwise noted. Outside readings will be distributed in class or may be available on Blueline or on reserve at the library Date Week 1 and Week 2 Online Quiz 1 - Course Intro and History of Cognition on Thursday Jan. 24th Week 3 and Week 4 Section1 Exam on Thursday Feb. 7th Week 5 and Week 6 Online Quiz 2 on Perception and Pattern Recognition on Thursday February 21st Week 7 and Week 8 Section 2 Exam on Thursday March 7th Week 9 and Week 10 Online Quiz 3 – Working Memory, Explicit and Implicit Memory – Thursday March 21st Week 11 and Week 12 Section 3 Exam on Thursday April 4th Week 13 and Week 14 Online Quiz 4 – Memory Reconstruction and the Fallibility of Memory – Thursday April 18th Week 15 and Week 16 Cumulative Exam (Final) on Sections 1 – 4 - Tuesday May 7th Section 2 Perception and Pattern Recognition Chapter 3 Topic Section I Course Introduction, and History of Cognitive Psychology Chapter 1 Reading Assignment...
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